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The Editor >> More
Together, Let’s Get Beyond The Curve!
News >> More
Lilytoys: Welcome to Visit CWPE & GTI Expo in September 
Entertainment venues in China can reopen for business now
Polin Waterparks champions accessibility with Splash Bucket AllCan
Park Vega set to launch West Africa’s largest Water Park
Sim Leisure, Guangzhou Daxin announce partnership
The contract of New Century White Bear Adventure Park has been signed
Xinjiang’s largest Xihai Cultural Water Park is about to open
Construction starts on Nanning Wan You International Tourist Resort started construction
Wet’n’Wild Haikou reopens now
QubicaAMF, World Bowling form new partnership
Reports >> More
Healthy Appetite for Investment at EAG International 2020
ATRAX 2020 Takes Attention With the “Happy Cities” Theme
Marching into North America, Focusing on the AEI Expo
IAAPA Expo Europe Grandly Held, Releasing the Great Energy of the French Amusement Market!
Busy ACOS 2019 Showcases New Cashless Payment and Social Responsibility Solutions(圖:ACOS,ACOS2, Event, Other)
IAAPA Expo 2019 Releases the Infinite Vitality of Diversified Entertainment!
WWA Show 2019 - Explore the Layout of Water Park
The Grand Opening of TVP 2019 Opens the Themed Amusement Market
Win-win Cooperation: The First AEGAE Expo
Discover A Whole New World at PAExpo 2019
Products >> More
Ball Paradise From Jiuyou, to Create Your Own Crazy Capsule Toys Zone
ACE’s New Product Release: the Perfect Gun Machine - Wild West
GTI’s Motivation - Introducing the Exhibits to Global Audience
New Products by Guangzhou Yada Licheng Make Spectacular Debut
FYC’s New Arrivals
New Product Introduction
Neofuns’ Latest Crane Machine Comes Out!
Newly-Developed Game Force from IAM
Da Sheng Technology’s Latest World-Class Achievement-“50 Tiger”
Feng Yi Fu-Create Amusement Machines with New Delights
New Laws >> More
Lanzhou City Announces Work for Examining and Approving Amusement-Category Entertainment Venues
Multiple Departments of Liuan City Reinforce The Regulation Of Game and Amusement Venues
New Law Regulating Amusement Establishments in Taipei City Became Effective
The Measures of Anhui Province for the Implementation of Classified Administration of Entertainment Venues (for trail trial implementation)
China Recognition-Sandra_edited
Sichuan Province Deployed a Special Rectification Action Targeting Amusement Game Venues
The Notice Regarding
The Taipei City Self-Government Ordinance for Regulating the Establishment of Electronic Game Arcade Businesses Passed Its Third Reading
Zhaoqing City’s Several Supportive Policies Concerning Further Aiding the Development of
Jiangsu Province Issued a Notice About Governing and Managing Province-Wide Electronic Game Venues
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